QuickTime macOS Screen Recording stopped - error message

Fix Recording Error in QuickTime on macOS “Recording stopped – try recording again”

Update Feb-2017: as @jsfaq kindly pointed out on Twitter, this recording error also effects regular Movie Recording in QuickTime! There is a unfixed Screen Recording bug in QuickTime Player for macOS affecting even the most recent versions like macOS Sierra 10.12:… Continue reading » “Fix Recording Error in QuickTime on macOS “Recording stopped – try recording again””

MAMP4 Logo

Fix local WordPress updates stuck in Maintenance Mode on macOS with MAMP

When you are running a local copy of Wordpress in a MAMP development environment on your Mac, you might have run into troubles with Wordpress being “stuck” in maintenance mode after trying to update Wordpress (plugins, themes or core updates). In order to fix this – and have your precious Wordpress updates run through smoothly again locally – you can use a chmod-command with the Terminal.app in macOS.

MacBook Tape on Built-in iSight Camera - Teaser

Do you cover your Mac’s Camera with Tape against Privacy Infringements? It’s not enough!

Tape on the camera may prevent somebody spying on you visually – but this does not prevent anybody hacking your computer and accessing it’s built-in microphone to listen to your conversations! And tape on the microphone spot is by far not making it completely “mute”. So tape is just not enough – you do need a software-based solution for full control: and there is one to do just that – OverSight.