MAMP MySQL mysqld pid error - Teaser image

Starting MAMP MySQL in macOS Big Sur errors « ended»

Solutions how to fix the issue with MAMP on macOS Big Sur Beta that the MySQL service cannot be started – with /tmp/mysql/ ended

Teaser image showing Games Folder Icon for macOS

macOS Games folder icon [new]

Here is an updated version of my custom made Games folder icon to use in macOS.

Teaser image for post macOS Catalina create ISO disk image from files folders

Make an ISO disk image in macOS Catalina

Using the Terminal in macOS Catalina to quickly create an ISO disk image of a CD/DVD or any folder from Finder.

DOOM Sticker Pack Teaser Image

DOOM Sticker Pack for Telegram Messenger

Are you a Gamer? You play DOOM?
Then check out my «DOOM Sticker Pack» for Telegram Messenger!

Grab the stickers here

Feedbacks? Proposals? Dislikes? There’s a discussion group for this sticker pack on Telegram: join the «DOOM Stickerset»-group