QuickTime macOS Screen Recording stopped - error message

Update Feb-2017:
as @jsfaq kindly pointed out on Twitter, this recording error also effects regular Movie Recording in QuickTime!

There is a unfixed Screen Recording bug in QuickTime Player for macOS affecting even the most recent versions like macOS Sierra 10.12: it presents itself after a few minutes into a running Screen Recording session on your Mac, stopping with the message:

Recording stopped
Try recording again.

I encountered this error on my MacBook Pro in new Screen Recordings repeatedly – usually while somewhere between 3 to 10 minutes into an ongoing recording session.

Thanks to an user feedback in the Apple discussion forums, this issue seems to be related to the “App Nap”-feature, introduced some times back in OS X Mavericks and available on Apple Laptops and some Desktop models, in order to save battery power by suspending Apps that are not actively used.

Update: QuickTime auto-adjusts the frame rate, then flexes time as needed, resulting in choppy out-of-time recordings and the “recording stopped” error.

So in short:
disabling App Nap seems to resolve the QuickTime “recording stopped”-error from happening.

Fix to resolve QuickTime Screen Recordings from stopping unexpectedly

First of all make sure to keep your Laptop connected to a power source while doing a recording in QuickTime.
(theoretically this should also overwrite the App Nap feature – however, I was able to reproduce it even when the Laptop was charging!)

Temporarily disable the App Nap feature on your Mac completely

  1. Go to System Preferences > Energy Saver
  2. Disable the checkbox "Enable Power Nap while on battery power"

QuickTime macOS Screen Recording stopped - disable App Power Nap settings

Unfortunately it seems not to be possible to disable App Nap selectively for the QuickTime Player application only.

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2 thoughts on “Fix Recording Error in QuickTime on macOS “Recording stopped – try recording again””

  1. I wish I read this before I tried shooting a bunch of videos. It was a pain in the butt having to restart each video…and in the end I just decided to stitch them together. I hope this works and will try it the next time for sure! Thanks a million…I could not find this solution anywhere else.

  2. Worked with the built-in camera, but not the Logitech C615. But it did work fine with a Yeti Blue. Also, if you have more that one USB port, try the others.

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