When you are of the kind of people who also like a distortion-free screen, you may also dislike that the macOS cursor sometimes shows up in fullscreen video playback.

macOS Fullscreen Play Mouse Cursor still visible

Fortunately there is a very simple solution:

just press the F8 key on your keyboard while in fullscreen (e.g. video playback)
and it will be gone!

Remember: depending on your primary use for the F(unction)-keys, you may need to hold the fn+F8 keys to achieve the same result.

Haven’t tested this yet on a MacBook Pro with the digital TouchBar – feedback about that is very welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Hide that bothering mouse cursor in macOS when fullscreen playing a video”

  1. The F8 key doesn’t actually do anything. This is a weird piece of mac lore that gets repeated even though it literally does nothing. A tool like Cursorcerer can make an actual shortcut to hide and show the cursor.

    1. Hi erik & thanks for your comment

      I am surprised that you categorise it as “mac lore”, because I successfully tested and proved it working to hide the macOS cursor e.g. when playing fullscreen movies from Netflix or YouTube on the Mac by pressing the F8 key (or fn+F8 respectively)!

      It must be noted though, that this is not a generic “hide the cursor”-feature, always available while in the OS! It solely applies when you are watching a fullscreen movie playback. When something is needed to truly hide the cursor, e.g. even when just regularly using macOS, then of course the use of an app for that is required.

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