MacBook Tape on Built-in iSight Camera - Teaser

Do you cover your Mac’s Camera with Tape against Privacy Infringements? It’s not enough!

Tape on the camera may prevent somebody spying on you visually – but this does not prevent anybody hacking your computer and accessing it’s built-in microphone to listen to your conversations! And tape on the microphone spot is by far not making it completely “mute”. So tape is just not enough – you do need a software-based solution for full control: and there is one to do just that – OverSight.

Secure USB Drive Logo

OS X: how-to store files password protected on a USB drive

It’s still one of the easiest ways to get someone’s data when you get your hands on a USB stick. It’s quite interesting, what you find on these portable drives – whether it’s from a friend or a business contact. There are serveral ways to protect yourself better by encrypting and password locking the drives. Sometimes there’s a preinstalled software on the USB drive available for that – but mostly not. I have a short how-to here showing how you can achieve this really easy using standard tools on your Mac!