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Fix local WordPress updates stuck in Maintenance Mode on macOS with MAMP

When you are running a local copy of Wordpress in a MAMP development environment on your Mac, you might have run into troubles with Wordpress being “stuck” in maintenance mode after trying to update Wordpress (plugins, themes or core updates). In order to fix this – and have your precious Wordpress updates run through smoothly again locally – you can use a chmod-command with the in macOS.

OS X: launcher for iOS Simulator and bypassing Xcode

On OS X, the best way to almost natively test apps or websites is by using the so called “iOS Simulator” (now named simply “Simulator”) which is available as part of the installed Xcode Development Tools.
So to bypass Xcode for starting the Simulator, I wrote a simple Automator application which directly launches the – you can download it in this post or create it yourself following the instructions.

Google Pretty Earth: Random Image Link Generator (HTML)

Returns only existing, direct links to static Google’s Earth View (Pretty Earth) images. Link to embed the executed result: Example result: Code: Sources: GitHub – adriancooney/prettyearth-wallpapers Google Earth View