MacBook Tape on Built-in iSight Camera - Teaser

Do you cover your Mac’s Camera with Tape against Privacy Infringements? It’s not enough!

Tape on the camera may prevent somebody spying on you visually – but this does not prevent anybody hacking your computer and accessing it’s built-in microphone to listen to your conversations! And tape on the microphone spot is by far not making it completely “mute”. So tape is just not enough – you do need a software-based solution for full control: and there is one to do just that – OverSight.

Reminders Application Icon

Did you know that the Reminders App in OS X has intelligent text interpretation? (example inside)

Apple’s very own, available on OS X, iOS and iCloud, comes with a very neat yet helpful feature: intelligent interpretation of a new reminder/to-do text. On iOS devices using Siri, you can not only tell it what and when to remind you about, but Siri is also intelligent enough to understand in which of your reminders lists that new reminder should go to!

Google Pretty Earth: Random Image Link Generator (HTML)

Returns only existing, direct links to static Google’s Earth View (Pretty Earth) images. Link to embed the executed result: Example result: Code: Sources: GitHub – adriancooney/prettyearth-wallpapers Google Earth View