How to bring back the «Anywhere» selection for downloaded Apps in Security & Privacy settings

macOS Sierra Security+Privacy Missing Allow from Anywhere

  • Launch the and enter the following command (authenticate with your admin password)
$ sudo spctl --master-disable
  • To disable it – or going back to macOS Sierra’ defaults – use:
$ sudo spctl --master-enable

macOS Sierra Security+Privacy Restored Allow from Anywhere

How to allow single specific apps downloaded from «Anywhere» to be launched in macOS Sierra

Simple bypass of opening restriction for unidentified Apps from within Finder

The easiest way to open an App from an unidentified source is to simply Ctrl+Click (right click) the App in Finder, then choose Open – this will ask you to manually bypass the Gatekeeper restriction.

Permanently whitelist opening a specific unidentified App

For a more “permanent” solution for a specific App, do as follows:

  • Launch the and enter the following command
$ spctl --add /Path/To/
  • Authenticate with your account in the displayed authentication window

To revoke permissions for a specific App, use the following command in

$ spctl --remove /Path/To/


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