Steve Jobs meditating

Steve Jobs. Truly a personally inspiring person who laid roads that influenced my whole life in a very positive way.

Without the Macintosh Computer, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t know what I know today. I wouldn’t be as open minded, customer focused as I am today. Working with the Apple Mac shifted my mindset to “Think Different” in terms of thinking in a simple way and not to go the complicated way.

It started in the 1990’s when I first got my hands on the Apple Macintosh. Being a proud owner of my own Mac and living in a household where the Apple Macintosh was the computer deviced used.
Following with my own iMac in later years, in continous competition with friends defending the status and value of Microsoft PCs. Not letting me get caught by it’s attraction back then, but sticking to the Mac for years.
Initiating my first experiences in the Internet, developing small scripts and later applications on it. Finding lifetime friends who share the same love to Macs.
Making me think of working at Apple would be the goal of my life and meeting this man a great personal honor and inspiration.
Getting professionally creative and productive at a later stage by building and publishing everything from Webservers, Websites to important term papers for my educational career.
Bringing my advanced knowledge of computer use in my daily work, enjoying the simplicity and comfortability of the Mac and Mac OS X at home.
Improving my performance with the iPhone in recent years, moving myself away from the mindset that a phone is “only” to be used as a phone.

I am really proud of the way I went with the Macs and Apple in the past. And I will continue to do so – standing above any minor downsides or obstacles to overcome. Keeping the innovative thinking, the “different” thinking, the easyness and simplicity always in my mind and trying to apply this in my daily work and life.

Thank you Steve Jobs, for making this possible. Thank you Apple, for keeping it going like this forever.
Steve Jobs Thinking

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